Calling All WordPress Users: Knowing Which SEO Plugins to Choose Matters

Sep 19, 2021

If you want your site to be successful online, it is important to make sure that it has an SEO plugin installed. Not only will this help get your website ranked higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), but many plugins also provide other benefits like security, page loading speed, and overall performance. The WordPress SEO plugins offer a variety of features including the ability to automatically create titles for articles, analyze content on-page for keyword density, and more. However, not all WordPress SEO plugins are created equal! To avoid choosing the wrong plugin for your site's needs which could negatively impact its ranking in SERP rankings or even leave it vulnerable.

Why do you need SEO plugins for your WordPress site?

A reliable hosting service for your WordPress site is a guaranteed way to improve the performance and SEO rankings of your website. But that's only the beginning.

According to research, 75% of Google searchers never go beyond the first page of results, making it critical to optimize your website for the SERPs. Getting relevant and organic traffic is crucial in order to drive conversions.

The quality of your website's performance in search results is also affected by the following elements: the keywords you use to attract targeted traffic, your awareness of search intent, the size of your image files, and the readability of your material.

This is where a WordPress SEO plugin comes in useful. It can provide backlink data, keyword rankings, and powerful statistics, all of which can help you improve your ranks. Furthermore, SEO plugins enable you to identify high-potential pages and posts, restructure your website's layout, mend damaged links, do an overall SEO audit, and more.

Since Google processes around 3.5 billion queries each day, employing proven-effective SEO plugins to improve your site while keeping ahead of the competition is a smart move.

With an SEO plugin assisting with your optimization activities, you'll have more time to focus on improving communication and cooperation between your SEO, marketing, and sales teams.

You may also use those tools to create software that gives your team access to the most up-to-date SEO data and allows them to make adjustments quickly based on outcomes. When it comes to putting together a successful SEO strategy, this will make all the difference.

Now that you know why you need SEO plugins, as well as the ways in which they may assist you to boost your search engine optimization performance and apply effective tactics, it's time to get started. Here are our top recommendations for WordPress SEO plugins for your new website.

The 8 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Yoast SEO

Yoast is an excellent, all-in-one SEO plugin that is simple enough for beginners to use. Here are some of the useful features Yoast provides.

Page Optimization

By using Yoast on WordPress, you may quickly manage meta descriptions, URLs, page names, and other elements.

With this tool's user interface, you may generate a personalized (and optimized) title for your website, as well as a distinct meta description and an SEO-friendly URL. It will provide you with an SEO report card on your blog posts to assist you in improving the optimization of your site. You can also regulate the exposure of your post or page

Configuration Of Google Search Console.

You may use Google Search Console to authenticate your website and utilize its significant SEO data by simply pasting some HTML code into the Yoast user interface.

When your code is updated through the plugin, it will be secure from unintentional overwrites. This eliminates the need to re-add the code after site code changes, such as theme and WordPress upgrades that aren't handled by web developers or SEO specialists.

Automatic XML Sitemap

Sitemaps are a tool for SEO that list all of the pages on your site so that search engines can crawl them. For SEO, sitemaps are essential. Each time you add new material to your website, Yoast creates an auto-generated dynamic XML sitemap.

The XML sitemap allows you to make your website sections more accessible to search engines by optimizing them for search engines.


A robots.txt file is a text file that tells search engines what pages they can and can't crawl. You may change your robots.txt with the Yoast SEO plugin. This is much easier than updating, modifying, and uploading the robots.txt file each time you want to make a change using the tool's user interface rather than manually editing

The Robots Exclusion Protocol, which is also known as the Robots No Way! Policy ensures that your robots.txt file remains clean so you don't have to worry about duplicate or incorrect information existing in it. Furthermore, due to updates to your site theme, WordPress themes, or other plugins, your robots.txt file is safe from accidental over

2. Redirection

The Redirection plugin is available for free from the WordPress plugin repository. It enables you to manage your redirects — redirections from a discontinued URL to a new one that prevents visitors from receiving a 404 error message.

Instead of hard-coding 301 redirects into the HTACCESS document on your WordPress website, you may use the plugin's straightforward user interface to manage them right in your WordPress dashboard.

The Redirection plugin is simple to operate, has frequent updates, and is secure. Apart from the 301 redirect feature, the software also aids in reporting problems on other servers, such as broken links (404 errors) with information on how it was able to resolve the problem.

3. Really Simple SSL

Google has recently made significant changes to how people access websites using its search engine. Websites with an SSL certificate and a secure connection will dominate the rankings, whereas non-secure sites will not be shown by Google at all.

Even if you can get an SSL certificate from a hosting provider, you'll have to set up the complete domain-recognized configuration of the SSL address in WordPress - it's not for novices.

Instead of manually configuring the HTACCESS file, the Really Simple SSL SEO plugin simplifies things by allowing you to do it in WordPress. The plugin must be downloaded and your website's HTTPS version should be made the default address before you can use it.

This plugin will also make sure that the encryption behind SSL, as well as encryption techniques, are kept up to date to protect against cyberattacks.

4. Easy Table of Contents

A table of contents is beneficial for the user experience and, as a result, SEO.

The Easy Table of Contents SEO plugin creates a handy table of contents for your visitors to use. It also has a built-in function that adds an HTML table to your web pages or web articles, creating internal links.

This plugin automatically creates the links in the Editor based on the page's content headings, rather than hard-coding them in. You may modify the appearance of your table within the plugin's settings dashboard.

5. WP Super Cache

Today's search engines are more focused on page speed. Page performance has become an important ranking criterion. The WP Super Cache plugin can help you improve the speed of your website. Simply install the plugin and enable caching capabilities, and WP Super Cache takes care of the rest.

This component allows you to check the loading speed of your website's numerous web pages using tools like GTMetrix or Pingdom Tools.

6. WP Internal Link Juicer

The WP Internal Link Juicer plugin is meant to assist you with optimizing your website's internal link structure. This plugin may automatically connect comments and posts on your blog with corresponding pages, categories, tags, and postings on your blog using natural language processing.

In conclusion, it simply allows you to produce internal links while staying away from risky SEO tactics that can result in significant fines.

7. Rank Math

Another popular WordPress SEO plugin is Math. It aids you in optimizing your website's content by providing real-time information about it. You don't have to leave the WordPress dashboard with this tool since it gives insights in real-time without requiring you to do anything.

A snippet preview may also be used to enhance meta descriptions and titles on search engines like Google, lowering the likelihood of SERP display issues. The cool thing about this plugin is that it has been optimized for improved performance in order not to interfere with your website's loading speed.

8. MonsterInsights

If you don't track your website's performance and analytics, all of your SEO efforts will be for naught. That is precisely what MonsterInsights is designed for. This WordPress SEO plugin provides Google Analytics data in a simple to use interface.

You can see exactly how people use and engage with your website by using Google Website Optimizer. It also has a content monitoring tool that lets you to keep track of the most popular pages on your site by audiences.

for you, MonsterInsights is a good alternative. It can help you streamline the way you gather and interpret your data without ever needing to log into your Google Analytics account.

These eight WordPress SEO plugins can assist you to improve the visibility and ranking of your site when utilized correctly. Install them on your WordPress website, customize them to increase content and URL accessibility, and observe how much traffic and SEO rankings rise within three months.

Pay Attention to WordPress SEO Plugins That Are Hazardous

There are a wide variety of WordPress SEO plugins accessible for download, and many of them may be harmful. These plugins might:

  • Vulnerabilities have been easily utilized.
  • Be out of date and unsupported.
  • The process of setting up a new site is as simple as installing the plugins and following the installation instructions. It's also important to note that if you pick a theme that has its own plugins or custom code, you'll be incompatible with your current plugins and site code (aka break your website!).
  • Have not gone through enough testing
  • It's possible that you'll receive a virus or spyware through email in very rare circumstances.

That's why, before you install any plugins, you should always have the developer of your website examine them.

Gary Stevens, software developer and online marketer at Hosting Canada, suggests using a WordPress plugin to automatically back up your site as well as secure it with the appropriate SSL protection.

“The bottom line is that you shouldn't put your faith in the internet to maliciously destroy your website," says Stevens. “You'll need a regular backup program, and it should be free. There are several WordPress plugins available that will take care of this automatically behind the scenes with no further involvement on your part.”

Make certain that your site consistently ranks on the top page for relevant queries by using one of many SEO plugins available to create free targeted traffic. They've been utilized and tested by numerous webmasters and developers, and they've shown to be effective.

There's no reason why your site shouldn't soar to the top of Google Search, and even get featured at the top in Google Snippets, with the appropriate plugins and SEO techniques for increasing search traffic!

Hope this helps with you learning more about WordPress SEO Plugins!