How to Measure ROI and Brand Awareness with Digital Marketing

Sep 13, 2021

Do you want to know how marketing can help your small business? If so, then this article is for you. We will be discussing the benefits of marketing and how it helps a company's ROI and brand awareness. Marketing may seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! With these simple marketing tips, you'll be able to start marketing your business in no time at all!

Small Business Marketing

Marketing is designed to increase brand recognition and develop a pipeline of qualified leads that result in sales. Getting the word out may be tough for a small business since there is less exposure and less money (like funds or time). However, there are some effective marketing strategies available to help you grow your small firm's marketing efforts.

Whether you're dealing with a tight budget, time constraints due to a smaller team, or even a lack of clarity, a marketing plan that is suited for your company can provide guidance as you expand.

As you build awareness and generate income for your business, these methods are critical:

Know your target audience.

It's easy to make the mistake of thinking "anyone" is your buyer. Larger corporations may be able to appeal to a broad market, but they say "the riches are in the niches" for a reason. As a small business, understanding consumers' pains, problems, triggering events, and priorities is critical to developing a niche and

What is the driving force behind their desire to buy? What does it look like if they do succeed? Knowing this information will assist you in creating messaging that connects and makes a strong argument for your product.

Begin by considering your current consumers and who you'd want to collaborate with. Then, start the process of getting into the mind of your ideal customer by creating a buyer persona.

2. Make sure your value proposition is the main focus.

If there's no distinction between you and your competition, a consumer would be under no obligation to deal with you. What will separate you from the competition and convince prospects that you're the business to work with? What do you offer above and beyond anyone else in your market sector? This makes for a strong case when presented correctly.

3. Keep your eyes on one thing and do it.

If you're looking into the world of marketing, you've undoubtedly encountered a slew of options. It's alluring to build an intricate mechanism in order to guarantee that you covered all your bases, and it's simple to take on too much.

Instead, figure out where you'll have the most impact. Where is your marketing's biggest blind spot preventing your success? Create a performance goal around that one crucial area, and direct your efforts toward the activities and tactics that will help you achieve it. When you've made more progress in achieving that key objective, you may increase or redirect your efforts to

4. Capitalize on short-term opportunities.

Take the scrap out of your marketing. As you grow, it's more important than ever to see results fast. This will give you the drive and cash flow to devote to bigger projects, longer-term bets, and more long-term strategies.

Poor fits for your primary initiatives are tactics that need time to develop (such as SEO). You won't see a return on your investment right away if you implement these methods. If you have enough money to get started, that's great, but don't put everything in one basket.

Paid advertisements may give you a short-term ROI if you have proof that customers are searching on Google with the intention of making a purchase for your product.

5. Double down on what works.

Pay attention to the data once you've got your initiatives up and going. This might help you figure out what works. When it comes to increasing revenue, it's a good idea to double-down on proven strategies.

6. Recognize the importance of existing customers.

A 1990 study by Bain & Company and HBR, for example, revealed that it costs five times more to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one. This implies that once they've made a purchase, you shouldn't cease marketing.

Identify how you can entice repeat purchases, upselling, and cross-selling from your existing clients. Because your current clients have already acquired from you, they already know, like, and trust you. You've given them a reason to do business with you again if the necessity ever arises because of the excellent experience you provided.

Even if the opportunity doesn't materialize (where it's a one-and-done purchase with no upsell possibilities), you should still make your consumers happy. Word of mouth is an excellent (and free) marketing tool.

7. Use free promotional tools.

It's also worth noting that because you've committed to a set goal and scope, there's no need to spend money on gadgets. Where feasible, utilize free promotional tools instead of paying for them. Only commit to paid tools if you're confident they'll substantially improve your current operations or performance. Here is a comprehensive list of marketing resources (some free

8. Create a website to manage your online presence.

Having a professional-looking website is one of the most valuable assets you can create for your small business. This is where you'll introduce yourself, provide services, describe where you're located, and how to contact you.

It's a channel that you'll always have (unlike other platforms, which may modify their policies or go in and out of style), and it has the capacity to produce natural traffic in addition to being a place to direct traffic from advertising and other marketing efforts.

Your website isn't simply a brochure. You have the ability to transform traffic into leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by learning how to convert visitors into leads (more on that later).

Check out HubSpot's CMS, one of the greatest website tools.

9. To entice visitors to your site, create a blog.

Blogging is an excellent method to attract organic traffic, especially for prospects who have not yet made a purchase decision. It may also help you establish credibility and position yourself as a thought leader in your field.

To start a blog, you may develop a free website with one of their templates and a cheap or free website tool. Even if you only publish once every week, your website's exposure online will grow, as will your potential consumers' understanding of why they should trust your firm. Check out this novice's tutorial to producing writing if you want to write

After you've started, you may add a call-to-action to your articles so that people can subscribe to your blog and receive emails. This is an excellent method to get leads while also providing prospective customers with a way to obtain information if they aren't ready to make a purchase from you yet.

10. Use your Facebook page, Instagram account, and YouTube channel to boost your business.

It may appear as though social media is only a fun platform for people to interact and network, but it's really a powerful business tool. Social media might assist you in boosting your domain authority, improving your search engine rankings, and engaging with prospective consumers. Why wouldn't you want to be seen where your potential customers spend their time?

11. Invest in advertising.

Organic traffic takes time to develop, and as a small firm, you need to put your money in quick-to-consume concepts. Pay-to-play strategies that appeal to consumers with strong intentions are excellent for initial wins that may be used to jumpstart other goals.

If you're certain your target audience is online looking for your product or service, Google Ads are ideal. If they aren't, social media advertising may be a good alternative. People on social media have less purchasing intent than those on the internet as a whole, but with targeted advertisements and enough impressions, you can pique your target audience's interest.

12. Make sure you're obtaining all of the information from your web prospects.

We've been talking a lot about visibility and traffic, but we haven't really talked about how they may help you earn money yet. A conversion tool is one easy way to get leads or consumers from your website.

HubSpot Marketing Free is a simple and free service. You may begin collecting email addresses of potential clients by adding a pop-up widget to your website with this tool. From there, you may send out offers and convert them into paying customers by utilizing any of these 24 conversion tools. To help you optimize your website and turn it into a lead generator

13. Nurture leads with email marketing.

It's also vital to sustain top of mind and move them closer to a buying decision. It's critical that you stay top of mind and get them closer to making a purchase.

Email marketing is an important component of your marketing arsenal. In fact, according to a recent study, 73 percent of millennials prefer emails from businesses to arrive via email.

This technique is a simple, free, and scalable approach to interact with both new and existing consumers.

If you don't already have an email marketing tool in place (many are cheap or even free), experiment with sending out newsletters (with your new sleek blog posts) and other promotions to your database. We understand that small business owners don't have a lot of time on their hands, so consider implementing marketing automation to make this process easier for you.

14. Manage your contacts with a CRM.

Individualized, targeted emails perform the best when it comes to email marketing. A customer database or a customer relationship management (CRM) program is where you'll start.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a cloud-based software system that allows you to manage your customer interactions more efficiently. It helps you keep track of customer interactions and identify sales opportunities by keeping track of information about leads, prospects, and customers.

15. Let word of mouth work for you as a promotional approach.

According to a recent survey, when it comes to customer interactions and satisfaction, "customer happiness" ranks as the most important factor. As we've seen, delighting your clients can have a significant influence on your business, especially in repeat purchases and word of mouth. If you give great service, your consumers will be more likely to leave reviews,

That is why it's critical to track customer happiness. and encourage customers to spread the word.

This is where your marketing help will begin. If you require any extra marketing assistance, go to evolutionsolutionmarketing.com.